How to save pdf and copy to word

How to save pdf and copy to word
Choose File> Save As and choose one of the image options on the Save as Type drop-down list in the Save As dialog box, such as PNG or JPG. Click Save. You’ll see a dialog box asking which slides you want to export — all the slides or just the current one.
Converting Excel files to Word You can select any part of Excel with text, tables and charts, [Ctrl]­C to copy, then in Word use [Edit] ­> [Paste Special] and select Formatted Text (RTF). This will copy text and tables from any part of the Excel spreadsheet, and paste it as a formatted
24/02/2011 · In Word 2010, click the small arrow next to the Find button on the Home tab and select Advanced Find: (If you’re using Word 2007, just use Ctrl-F to get there.) Now click the More button to access the Format button, where you can select Highlight :
Open topic with navigation. How to create a copy in .pdf-format. View – Document – Document list – Duplicate to PDF . Documents created in MS word can be duplicated to .pdf-format as required.
To do this, you can open the PDF with Preview, click the “Text Tool” and select the contents you want, then copy and paste the selected PDF content to Word. However, you should notice that only the text can be saved in Word and after the conversion, all the original layout, graphics, hyperlinks and other elements will be lost. And it would be a laboursome task if there are tons of text need to
Copy and save, edit and print the Word document as you wish once it has been converted from the protected PDF format. Tip Many password removing programs that need to be paid for offer a free trial available for a number of days or a number of documents, so consider this temporary option as well.

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How to save an editable Word or PDF document

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