Functional group of hydrocarbons worksheet pdf

Functional group of hydrocarbons worksheet pdf
Worksheet 10.1 Chapter 10: Organic chemistry – glossary Alkane Saturated hydrocarbons. They have the general formula C nH 2n + 2. Alkene Unsaturated hydrocarbons. They contain a carbon–carbon double bond. They have the general formula C nH 2n. Amide A homologous series derived from carboxylic acids, with the functional group –CONH 2. Secondary and tertiary amides …
Which statement correctly describes the molecular polarity of a hydrocarbon? Hydrocarbons are generally nonpolar because they are asymmetrical.
gjr-–- 1. Unit One Part 2: naming and functional groups • To write and interpret IUPAC names for small, simple molecules • Identify some common functional groups found in organic molecules
Alcohol: A hydrocarbon with an –OH (hydroxyl) group somewhere on the hydrocarbon chain. 3. Aldehyde: A hydrocarbon with a –CO (carbonyl) group containing a hydrogen (H) bonded to a primary chain carbon. 4. Alkane: A hydrocarbon with the general formula C n H 2n+2, where all the carbon-carbon bonds are single bonds. 5. Alkene: A hydrocarbon with the general formula C n H 2n, where …
Naming And Drawing Organic Compounds Worksheet Answers Naming Alkenes Worksheet 2 Draw the structural formula. – Naming Naming Alkanes Chemguide answers NAMING ORGANIC COMPOUNDS 1. 1 Naming. naming and drawing organic compounds worksheet with Define and explain elements and compounds, the relationships from atom to molecule. naming organic compounds with functional groups …
EXTRA CREDIT: Additional Enrichment: Functional Groups and Nomenclature A functional group in an organic molecule is an atom or a group of atoms that replaces a hydrogen atom in a hydrocarbon. These replacement groups are much more reactive than the hydrogen atom that was replaced. They give the molecule its functionality, or its reactivity.
An ester has the functional group, which is also known as an ester link. In the laboratory, an ester is usually formed from the reaction of a carboxylic (organic) acid and an alcohol, giving an ester and water as the products. This is an example of a condensation reaction, in which two molecules link up by the
The functional groups that will be studied in this experiment are carboxylic acid, amines aldehyde, ketone, alcohols and alkenes. You will learn chemical tests that will allow you to distinguish one functional group from another. You will use the chemical tests to identify the functionality of an unknown organic compound. In addition, you will use a water solubility test to determine whether
The remaining six functional groups in the table all have varying degrees of hydrophilic character. One example of a strongly hydrophilic group is the carboxyl group (COOH), which can act as an acid and lose a proton to form a negatively-charged carboxylate ion (COO − ^- − ).
Functional Groups Class Functional group PowerPoint – Name Hydrocarbons – IUPAC Rules, Multiple Bonds Author: Jeremy Schneider Subject: Chemistry Resources for High School Teachers and Students – PowerPoint Lessons, Notes, Labs, Worksheets, Handouts, Practice Problems, and Solutions. Created Date : 9/6/2010 7:20:22 PM

The Complete Organic Chemistry Worksheet The Complete Organic Chemistry Worksheet.doc Name 1. Name the following hydrocarbons. 3 j’- d m.u q’Lxc.$’s i”‘a.CH3-C…
Unit 2 – Hydrocarbons & Functional Groups Organic chemistry is the chemistry of carbon. The name “organic†reflect the fact that organic molecules are derived
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Functional groups are generally side chain attachments to the longest carbon chain in a molecule that alter the chemical activity. Some functional groups add in-line, thus in a sense they alter the
788 Chapter 22 • Substituted Hydrocarbons and Their Reactions An aryl halide is an organic compound containing a halogen atom bonded to a benzene ring or other aromatic group.
Functional Group Worksheet Organic Chemistry Naming Substituted Hydrocarbons Worksheet Lesson Planet Functional Group Practice Worksheet Pdf by on June 26, 2018 functional group worksheet organic chemistry naming substituted hydrocarbons worksheet lesson planet functional group practice worksheet pdf .

Functional Groups of Hydrocarbons Scribd

Answer each question in the space required. Show all work

4) Assign a number to each of the side groups to indicate where the group is a ttached to the main chain. Start Start the numbering of the main chain from whichever end of the main chain will give the lowest set of numbers.
Aromatics are named similarly to linear molecules in that the functional groups are identified by the carbon position which is numbered around the aromatic ring. The aromatic ring can also be a functional group itself on a larger carbon chain, which is indicated by the cyclo- prefix on the functional group.
notes – organic FILLED IN (PDF 3.87 MB) worksheet – naming hydrocarbons (DOCX 58 KB) worksheet – naming alkanes (DOCX 164 KB) worksheet – naming organic chemistry (DOCX 47 KB) worksheet – functional groups packet (DOCX 70 KB) Organic REVIEW packet (DOCX 76 KB) Review – ANSWER KEY (PDF 2.31 MB) check your review packet here! Functional Groups packet ANSWER KEY (PDF …
When a hydrogen is removed from Alkane (saturated hydrocarbon) then alkyl group is formed. A bond is vacant on alkyl group on which any functional group may come. alkane
Hydrocarbons (01) Draw an example of each of the four types of hydrocarbons: alkane, alkene, alkyne, and aromatic. (02) Answer True or False for the following statements.
Chapter 4 – Functional Groups Hunt – Biomolecules Review As mentioned (in class), generally “plain” hydrocarbons are not found in living cells. There are usually other groups of atoms attached somewhere on the molecule. There are certain groups of atoms that are frequently attached to the organic molecules we will be studying, and these are called functional groups. These are things like
Hydrocarbons having no double or triple bond functional groups are classified as alkanesor cycloalkanes depending on whether the carbon atoms of the molecule are …
Organic Chemistry: Functional Groups Origin of organic compounds • Naturally occurring organic compounds are found in plants, animals, and fossil fuels • All of these have a plant origin • All of these rely on the “fixing” of C from CO 2 • Synthetic organic compounds are derived from fossil fuels or plant material. Introduction • Most current research focuses on Organic
F UNCTIONAL G ROUP I DENTIFICATION W ORKSHEET 1. Identify the functional groups on the following organic molecules. a. C _____ b.
Ester Functional Group Identify the ester functional group – look for a group in the molecule and is known as a triester as it contains three ester functional groups. How to name an ester – look for the organic acid and alcohol used during the esterification reaction. Look at the following examples to see how it is done. Example 1 CH 3 COOC 2 H 5 (hint – draw the structure if you find it

In this substituted hydrocarbons worksheet, students learn how to name compounds using a table of organic functional groups and the rules for naming hydrocarbon compounds. They practice naming twenty substituted hydrocarbons.
Name m, e, p, b STRUCTURE OF HYDROCARBONS Draw the structure of the compounds below. J Chemistry IF8766 97 ©Instructional Fair, Inc, 1. ethane 5.
Homework Corrections- Worksheet “Functional Group Identification, Side 1″ * ACTIVITY : Matching Game (Common Functional Groups) Group Task- Poster of Hydrocarbon Derivatives(s) and 3 common uses; r efer to h andout , ” Examples of Hydrocarbon Derivatives and Their Applications” ( poster presentations today)
A worksheet covering identification of organic functional groups; identifying aliphatic, alicyclic and aromatic hydrocarbons; identifying saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbons; using skeletal formula to identify carbon chains present in a molecule; naming simple alkanes.
The Complete Organic Chemistry Worksheet.doc Name _____ Date _____ Period ___ 1. Name the following hydrocarbons. Each of the following formulas can be written as two compounds with different functional groups. Write the structural formulas, name the compounds, and identify the functional groups. a. C2H6O b. C3H6O c. C5H10 . 13. Draw structural formulas for the following. a. …
Recognize and identify common functional groups Memorization alert: There are a significant number of items in this lesson that will need to be memorized. What Do These Molecules Have in Common? Functional groups are an important organizing factor in organic chemistry. Functional Groups Organic molecules have two main parts. Carbon backbone: The carbon and hydrogen skeleton of a molecule

functional groups Although hydrocarbons are the most basic organic compounds, many other compounds form when other atoms replace one or more hydrogen atoms in a hydrocarbon.
Science · Biology · Properties of carbon · Hydrocarbon structures and functional groups Hydrocarbon structures and isomers Hydrocarbon structures and types of isomerism (structural isomers, cis/trans isomers, and enantiomers).
In what way is the functional group of an ester different from that of a carboxylic acid? How does this difference account for any differences in properties? 17. Describe the steps used to name an ester. 18. Draw the following amines butan-1-amine. pentan-2-amine. propan-1,2-diamine. N-ethyl-hexan-2-amine. N,N-dimethyl-pentan-3-amine. N-methyl-N-propyl-ethanamine 19. Name the following amines

Naming Hydrocarbons (nomenclature)

Name _____ Date _____ Period ___ CN ___ Hydrocarbons & Functional Groups Worksheet I. Draw the structural formulas and write the names of the following organic molecules.
Alcohols (16-19) Use your knowledge of alcohols and their oxidation products to unlock the grid. Play game » Related worksheets. Alcohols (16-19) Amines and Related Compounds
A carbonyl group in which the carbon is bound to an alkoxy group (OR, R=alkyl) and another carbon. Carboxylic acids A carbonyl group in which the carbon is bound to a hydroxyl group …

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  1. Organic Chemistry: Functional Groups Origin of organic compounds • Naturally occurring organic compounds are found in plants, animals, and fossil fuels • All of these have a plant origin • All of these rely on the “fixing” of C from CO 2 • Synthetic organic compounds are derived from fossil fuels or plant material. Introduction • Most current research focuses on Organic

    Chapter 4 Functional Groups Hunt – Biomolecules Review
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